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between 3 and 8 dollars, without ads and with exclusive content

26 mayo, 2021

Spotify is an increasingly competitive platform in the world of podcasts, thanks to its acquisitions and thanks to how used it is already as a music streaming platform, where it exceeds 300 million users. In Spain, for example, it is already ahead of Apple Podcasts in market share, something relevant because Apple continues to be the great dominator worldwide.

Podcasts are very interesting for Spotify because the company makes more money with them than paying royalties to record companies and artists, and it is the reason why, without abandoning its usual functions, it is increasingly focused on podcasts. The economic situation of the company is much better than a few years ago, and practically every quarter it makes profits. However, it is still not constant, and the company needs more revenue to make its acquisitions profitable.

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According to Variety’s Andrew Wallenstein, we’ve learned that Twitter is doing a survey on a hypothetical paid podcast subscription, and it’s surprisingly detailed. As explained, It seems that we would be facing an independent subscription to the Premium for music.

$ 3-8 for a possible podcast subscription

Spotify Podcasts

That Spotify is conducting a survey responds, as in other cases, to that they are probably conducting a market study to find out in which price ranges they can move, offering according to which functions. This is how companies usually decide which products are viable for the market.

The details of the subscription that have appeared in the survey are very interesting but, yes, they do not have to coincide with a future podcast subscription. Based on the survey questions, the prices would range from $ 2.99 to $ 7.99, offering different features based on payment.

With the $ 2.99 plan, for example, the company proposes that the contents have advertising, both inserted by the company itself and by the podcasts themselves in the audio. The payment would give access to interviews and exclusive episodes of certain podcasts, in addition to access to some extended podcasts for subscribers. The $ 4.99 plan, as detailed, would remove the ads inserted by Spotify, and give access to higher quality content than the free account has.

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Going up to $ 7.99, the survey details that what you gain over lower plans is faster access to subscriber interviews and episodes. However, there is no talk of offline podcast downloads for, for example, when we fly, although lately that is little done.