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Biblioteca Digital Hispánica, the free digital library of the National Library of Spain

23 mayo, 2021

For more than a decade, an impressive project of the National Library of Spain has been on the network that, as it is unknown among the general public, is no less important and worth remembering. We talk about the Hispanic Digital Library.

Launched at the beginning of 2018, this initiative arises as a digital library of the superior library institution of the Spanish State offering free and free access to a documentary and bibliographic collection of enormous value.

In the Hispanic Digital Library we can even find sound recordings on perforated discs or wax cylinders


100,000 documentary collections

Discover Collections Hispani Digital Library

In the virtual shelves of this network library we can find thousands of digitized documents, among which books printed between the 15th and 20th centuries stand out prominently, manuscripts, drawings, engravings, brochures, posters, photographs, maps, atlases, sheet music, historical press and even sound recordings on perforated discs or wax cylinders.

In its twelve years of history, the Hispanic Digital Library has multiplied its holdings by more than ten, going from the initial nearly 10,000 to the more than 100,000 that it currently offers.

Eight websites to find free e-books

Through the space they dedicate on their website to the discovery of their collections, we can directly access the photographic collections of the library, Japanese prints, documents related to Cervantes, nautical charts, song books, architectural drawings, Spanish incunabula, new domain authors public and even ePubs, among many other funds.