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BitLife comes to Android, the life simulator in which all your decisions count

26 mayo, 2021

BitLife is a title that has been on iOS for four months now. Your bet is simple: a life simulator in which you will have to decide how to act at all times and in which everything, absolutely everything, counts. And it is not easy. After a long wait, BitLife has arrived on Android and can be downloaded completely free of charge.

The operation is simple. You will start a new life in year zero, that is, being a baby. Little by little you will advance, you will get older, you will start school, university, you will stand before your first kiss and your first partner, you will have to study something at the university (or not), look for a job and survive all the dramas that it adult life implies. Like life itself.

How to know that we do not live in a computer simulation ... if we can know it

What would you do?

Bitlife In our test game we have lived 83 years, we have been married and, although we have not had children, we had a nice house on the beach.

The mechanics of the game are simple. You have a green button that advances the time from year to year. At the beginning, there are few decisions you have to make, such as going to the doctor because you have caught measles or telling your parents if it was you who broke the vase. Things will get complicated, you will arrive at school and soon after you will go to high school, and there the game gets interesting.

The idea of ​​the simulator is that face the situations you usually face in real life. Thus, you will start going to dance classes (or whatever you decide), you will meet a girl you like and you will have to decide whether to say something to her or not. Your first kiss will arrive and you will have to choose to give a short kiss, a passionate one morreo or run away. All the decisions you make and their results will influence your statistics: happiness, health, intelligence and appearance.

If the institute and the university were complicated, when you finish the study period and you have to look for work, the game becomes even more complicated. You won’t get caught in every position and you’ll have to start with low-paying jobs. What does that mean? That you will not be able to afford luxuries like buying a car, a house or going to the doctor, to name a few examples. Depending on the decisions you make, your “virtual life” will take one course or another.

All the decisions you make in life will influence future events, so choose carefully

From the game settings you can do almost anything you can imagineSee play the lottery and try your luck, change country, have a cosmetic operation or change your sexual preferences. Everything you do will affect the story, so choose carefully. For example, if you say yes to all the drugs that are offered as a young man, you will be at greater risk of dying soon. If you get into a fight, you risk killing the other person or getting killed, etc.

The game is really complete and, although it’s in english, it is well understood and can be played without major inconvenience. As we said before, the title can be downloaded for free from now on Google Play and App Store, so if you don’t have enough with your problems, take a look.