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BMW S1000XR vs. Ducati Multistrada 1200 S

2 julio, 2021

Not all fights break out in an instant. Some of the best start off innocently enough and then slowly reach a spontaneous combustion point, where assaults escalate and no one stops until only one is left standing. Bloodied, perhaps, but still standing.

So here we are, looking BMW Y Ducati they look at each other and trade blows with an exceptional new product. BMW currently has the upper hand in supercars with the mind-blowing S1000RR and beats the Monsters quite a bit with the S1000R, but Germany has no answer for the incredibly popular Ducati Scrambler. Yet. BMW also had no real response to the incredibly strong Multistrada. As flexible and versatile as the R1200GS is, it won’t prevail over the Multi when sports performance is emphasized. Ducati seemed to be standing there, alone in class, with clenched fists, waiting for someone to come up and say something provocative. Comparing profiles and shades of red won’t tell you how different the XR and Multi really are. The Ducati is a relaxed, classic V-twin, especially now with DVT taming the lower end, while the BMW is the classic high-revving inline four. © Motorcyclist

multistrada vs s1000xr

He didn’t have to wait long, now that the BMW S1000XR it’s here. Let’s remove the artifice of “adventure” style and “adventure” capabilities, shall we? It’s about time to call these machines for what they are: tall sports bikes with rational riding positions and considerable touring capabilities. Or reduced sport-tourers with the heart of a supermotorcycle. Look beyond the spikes and serrated footpegs and tread patterned tires that imply at least a little off-road capability. That is for show.

bmw xr 1000 vs ducati multistrada

Especially here. And now. The latest Ducati Multistrada has become the technological leader of the company, debuting DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing). With variable valve timing on both the intakes and exhausts, Ducati has given the refined Testastretta engine the potential for improved peak power, a higher midrange and smoother behavior in the lower part of the rev range. While the superbike spec Testastretta had a substantial 41 degree valve overlap, and the torque-tuned version on the previous Multi had only 11 degrees, the DVT’s variability ranges from negative 37 degrees to 53 degrees. In theory the DVT motor can be smoother than the Testastretta 11 ° when needed and hotter than the old 1198 when needed.

There’s no question that the Ducati can do the backroad dance but, perhaps surprisingly, the new Multi is exceptional on the road, with a comfortable seat, good suspension, and excellent aerodynamics. Who knows? © Motorcyclist

Hurrah! New switches come with the 2015 Multistrada. It’s easy to feel which rocker is under your thumb, so changing riding modes or engaging cruise control can be done quickly and confidently. © Motorcyclist

In other ways, the 2015 Multistrada is a way for Ducati to flex its technological power. This year comes an “EVO” version of Skyhook, Ducati’s semi-active suspension, along with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) that senses chassis attitude (including lean angle) to report ABS and traction control functions. as well as for Adapt throttle response. As before, Skyhook changes its damping schemes according to the chosen riding mode: Sport, Touring, Urban or Enduro. Also new: a gorgeous TFD instrument display, completely overhauled (and greatly improved) switch groups, a larger / smoother saddle, and cruise control.

bmw s1000xr vs ducati multistrada

One step in getting tangled up with Ducati’s advanced-tech Multistrada is a motorcycle that one of our testers derisively called a parts bin special: the S1000XR. Start with the basic bones of the S1000R roadster, which itself isn’t too far off from the previous-generation S1000RR, including the cast aluminum frame, the powerful 999cc inline four-cylinder engine, and just about every electronics in the catalog. from Bosch. For the XR, BMW installed a new body with a tall / narrow half fairing topped by a Dalí shovel-shaped two-position adjustable windshield.

You can’t use Snapchat from the Multi’s beautiful TFT screen… at least not yet. Various designs are available, plus virtually all vital motorcycle functions are …

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