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Bottle Flip 3D, the water bottle flipping game that reaches the top of Google Play

26 mayo, 2021

There is only one thing better than throwing a water bottle into the air and having it land on your feet: throwing a virtual bottle into the air and having it land on your feet. That is the premise of Bottle Flip 3D, which with only one month of life has already exceeded one million downloads and is at the top of Google Play.

While bottle flipping is not very exciting per se, the game improves gameplay by slightly changing the objective. It is not only turning the bottle, but take it to the goal based on flips, avoiding obstacles and without falling to the ground.

Flipping is the easy part


The game is called Bottle Flip 3D, although the easiest thing is probably to flip the bottle itself. You do not need to do mathematical calculations on how to launch the bottle or anything like it: you just need tap on the screen to make a perfect pitch.

No matter how you do it, the throw will always land on its feet under normal circumstances, and even if it didn’t and landed on its side, you can still play. The object of the game is to advance through the room to reach the goal, without falling to the ground.

The challenge of the bottle or how generation Z is driving adults around the world crazy

The bottle stays on just about any surface, and you can keep playing as long as it doesn’t touch the ground. The difficulty of the game basically consists of calculating if a normal throw or a double throw, a kind of double jump by which the bottle takes an extra turn in the air.


Each level is short and can generally be cleared in a couple of moves. The goal in all cases is to reach the finish line, the checkered shelf. It’s an easy gameThe truth is, although as the levels progress, new elements are added to complicate the situation, such as fans that move your bottle or scooters that you must use to advance through the room.

Goal The goal

Bottle Flip 3D is one of those games ideal for fill a little time that you have free. From time to time it shows advertising when changing levels, although nothing out of the ordinary. As you progress you earn diamonds, which you can use to buy other types of bottles and it even has a VIP mode that involves an exaggerated subscription of 6.49 euros … weekly!

Bottle Flip 3D

Bottle Flip 3D