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buy or sell what you want without leaving the social network

26 mayo, 2021

In addition to sharing photos of babies and kittens, catching up on the latest hot memes, or following the adventures of former high school classmates, many people also use Facebook as platform to sell and buy all kinds of objects. To do this, the most common thing is to create a group or join an existing one, publish the items for sale, answer questions from buyers in comments, and finish the transaction in Messenger – for example.

Aware of this use of the social network as a trading platform, Facebook has set up a type of special group: the so-called sales groups From Facebook. The operation of these groups is like that of a standard group, except that they have functions designed to make sales between individuals on Facebook easier.

If you have the Sales Groups feature enabled, you should see it in the sidebar from Facebook, inside the Favorites section. Entering there you can access the section with some basic indications of how the system works, along with a map that suggests groups near your location, and a list of suggested groups based on your interests. If any of them catch your eye, just click the “Join” button.

Sales groups on Facebook

Within a sales group you will see some differences compared to a standard group. For example, a special tab at the top to go to the sales publications (and thus see them separately, without mixing with the normal publications), or a button “Sell ​​something“to list an item for sale in that group.

By clicking on this button, you will be able to fill a Facebook post with a few different fields: a title of up to 100 characters, a description of your product, photos to illustrate it, and of course, the price. Facebook will also detect the location automatically.

Sales groups on Facebook

Once your ad has been published, the other users in the group will be able to do likes or leave comments, and also contact you directly via private message, using a special button. If you finally sell the item, you can mark it as sold so that the ad disappears from the feed of the group. And in order not to lose sight of anything if you have many transactions in hand, the group offers a special section for check all your posts, both those that are still active and those already marked as sold.

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Facebook as a platform for sales between individuals

Facebook sales groups are a kind of “officialization” of a use that many people already gave to the social network: purchase and sale of items second-hand, the organization of Street markets or even the exchange of objects. With these groups, Facebook has done nothing more than make available to users the appropriate tools to continue using it as a sales platform, but in an easier way.

For example, group administrators will no longer have to remind people to set a price, and potential buyers will no longer have to ask about the characteristics of the object for sale, since the seller will be able to detail them all in their publication and illustrate it with photos. .

If you already have a group of these characteristics that is not yet marked as a sales group, you can do it from the button with the three dots in the upper right corner, on its main page, selecting “Edit group settings“Then go to” Group type “>” Choose a group type “and select” Buy, sell, trade “to add the trading functions to your group.

Sales groups on Facebook

It is important to bear in mind, yes, that Facebook ignores completely of the transactions carried out between individuals in these groups. Buyers and sellers are the responsible of them, so they are the ones who will have to solve any possible problem.

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