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Byeink, a service to edit and publish your own electronic books

26 mayo, 2021

If the other day we commented that Bubookwriter, the editor for ePub books of the Spanish platform for self-publishing of books, today we are going to see another national project where books are also protagonists. Is about Byeink, a service to edit and publish your own electronic books in ePub and Amazon mobi format, which are both available at the moment. But Byeink aims to be an alternative to create digital books for independent authors.

Editing books with Byeink

The service is still in closed beta, so it is necessary to request an invitation to test it. Once we access we find a panel where we can start creating our book, starting by adding all the information related to the publication, from the author, language or cover to issues such as the ISBN, the rights of the work or the designer from the cover.

The next step is to edit the content, for which we can do it chapter by chapter. The editor is quite comfortable to use, perhaps more pleasant to use than Bubookwriter, but it is a matter of taste. What it does not allow at the moment is to import a document directly, either in editing format or in PDF, so the most appropriate option if we do not want to create directly with the editor is to copy and paste from another document.

We can add images and it is planned that we can do the same with video and audio. In this aspect, it may be even better in regards to how we can format and position it with respect to the text. Regarding the edition of the text itself, we do not lack elements to adapt it to the format that we want.

Social payment

Another issue on which this service is committed is social payment, which makes it easier for the author to allow download the book or a chapter for which it is enough to post a message through Twitter or Facebook. In this way, the author gains the visibility of his work, which will be more widely disseminated, taking advantage of the virality of social networks.

In addition, a payment service through PayPal where the author can collect the result of the benefits of his publication if he decides to put the work up for sale. This option is complementary to the sale through other platforms such as sale on Amazon or Apple, without forcing the author to be exclusively with them.


Byeink’s business model is based on a combination of free and premium users. The difference is that while the premium user keeps 100% of the income from his work, the free user keeps 70% of it. In addition, the author will be able to follow the statistics and reports from the tool, monitoring in real time their sales, income, places from where they buy their work, etc.

In addition, so that the author can promote himself in a better way, they plan to implement a tool that allows embed a bookshelf in a page or blog, and an App for Facebook for the author’s fanpage. For Premium users we are working on an application that allows signing books, so that the author can dedicate a book and sign it.

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