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CamScanner turns your smartphone into a pocket scanner

26 mayo, 2021

Surely on more than one occasion and twice we have missed carrying a scanner in our pocket. Luckily there is something that almost all of us carry with us: a smartphone. And the world of applications for these terminals is so amazing that we can find everything. We can make our mobile phone become a scanner with CamScanner, for example.

The mobile camera is very good to capture those moments of our lives that no one should miss for anything in the world, but by itself, without complementary applications, it does not go much beyond taking the photo and storing it in the corresponding gallery. And that for documents does not help us much.

CamScanner, which is available for both iOS and Android, can make our lives much easier if we want to scan quickly and easily any document that is put before us anywhere and at any time. It must be said that logically it works better if we talk about black text on a white background, but it also has a algorithm for processing images and treat them with more affection so that they are clear and recognizable.


The application allows create documents in PDF of several pages and also offers us more than ten different sizes (A4, B5, letter, etc.), but it also has sharing options. Not only does it let us send the resulting documents by e-mail, but we can send them directly to Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, etc. In fact, it has its own storage space in the cloud so that we can access documents from other devices.

The price of CamScanner It is 3.99 euros both on iOS and Android, although it also has a free version that limits documents to ten pages and adds a watermark.

Download CamScanner:
IOS version
Android version