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Carlos Ríos’s application to improve our eating habits

23 mayo, 2021

The ‘Real Fooding’ is a movement that has become viral in Spain in recent years, thanks in large part to Carlos Ríos, one of our professionals in the field of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. According to him, “real food” is made up of all fresh food and raw materials that have been minimally processed.

It was therefore expected an application at the hands of Ríos, and it has been. MyRealFood has been a reality on iOS and Android for a couple of days, we have been able to test it, and as we did with alternatives like Yuka, we wanted to know what it offers and if it really is a good alternative to improve our eating habits.

This is MyRealFood

My Real Food

MyRealFood is a totally free application. It is available for iOS, with a weight of 52.3 MB and for Android, with a weight in this case of 32 MB. The scores? Good, almost all 4 stars out of 5 and up. To use the application it is necessary to have an email account to register, as well as to choose a username. Once we have carried out these steps, we can start using it.

Realfood Fail In many cases, we are told that the food is being registered and that they are working to include it.

MyRealFood is not just a food scanner, although we will talk about this first. As with Yuka, we can point our mobile camera at any food, so that the app tells us if it is good or bad. For now the function is still somewhat green, and does not recognize several foods other than known. However, since the application is in its first version, it can be understandable.

Real ffoo When the scanner works, it does it really well.

When it works, it works well, and tells us if a food is a good processed, real food or an ultra-processed. The balance of good nutrition is based on basing our diet on real food and good processed foods, avoiding ultra-processed ones. In this section, we have the nutritional information about the product, the calories it has, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, etc. In the same way, alternatives are proposed to us to said product. We can have access to the history of the scanner, so that we do not have to repeat the process of registering food over and over again.

‘MyRealFood’ is not just a scanner. It aims to be a community that helps people improve their habits

Community Section The ‘Community’ section of the app is quite visual.

As we were saying, MyRealFood is not just a scanner, and this is one of its main advantages over the competition. The app has a community tab, where users share recipes, talk about food, lifestyle, family, etc. At the time of writing this article, there are already more than 20,000 people following the “Real Fooding recipes” group, where we admit to having found some more than interesting recipe (and some that we do not want to mention).

The point here is that MyRealFood serves as a good source of information to learn more not only about the food itself, but about eating habits, lifestyle, sports and much more. For example, we can join sports groups, where users organize meet-ups, offer personal training services, advice and more.

Have absolute control over what you “can” eat


“But if I can’t have milk and cookies for breakfast, what do I drink!” One of the main problems of poor nutrition is not knowing well the alternatives we have, and MyRealFood comes to change this. We have a huge list with several product categories. After clicking on them, we can see both the foods that Ríos considers ‘Real Food’ and those that are ‘Ultra-processed’. The main problem we see here is that we are not told where we can buy these foods (The brand of the product is shown, but not the centers where they are sold), which we hope will improve in the future.

After a month, this is how Real Fooding has changed my day to day: 2.5 kilos less and fewer cravings for ultra-processed

Be that as it may, we applaud the proposal of having an immense list of healthy foods for our shopping list, especially when each and every one of these products are accompanied by their nutritional information, so that we know at all times what we are consuming. In the same way, we can save these foods in the category of favorite foods, to have them more at hand on subsequent occasions.

Track your food and weight, along with a little extra

Food Control We can record our meals and weight.

The thing does not end here, and it is that with this application we can also control our meals and weight. We are told the percentage of ‘real food’, ‘good processed’ and ‘processed’ that we have taken, if we add the products that we have consumed. In this section we have integration with the favorite products section, the scanner and the product list itself. Regarding the weight, it is enough to record different entries so that these are added to the calendar and we can see our progression, either to gain weight or to lose it.

The application has a great social component. The profiles section has been inspired a lot by Instagram, with a feed of “likeable” publications by the rest of the users.

Finally, as if it were Instagram, we have the profile section, in which we will see the different publications that we have been uploading. As expected, we can see and follow profiles of other users. In other terms, we have a kind of Instagram Real Food, in which the publications that people have been putting will be seen.