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certificates in six months that they consider equivalent to a four-year degree

24 mayo, 2021

And for just $ 300. Google’s new initiative is a series of certified courses that the same company will consider the equivalent of a four-year college degree. They say that they have been created to help people obtain the necessary requirements to opt for high-demand jobs without the need for a degree.

The program is primarily focused on the United States as part of Google’s initiatives to help the economy recover during the COVID-19 crisis. They explain that due to how out of reach university education is for many citizens, they have decided to offer these professional certificates for those interested in learn high and medium level digital skills.


Fully developed by Google, without the need for previous experience and to finish in six months

Rajeshwar Bachu K4txlik7pny Unsplash

Google already offered other certified programs: the specialization program for IT support professionals launched in 2018, and the Python program that was launched this year. However, the novelty here is not only that the same company begins to consider these certifications as the equivalent of a university degree, but that they have added three other programs:

  • Analysis of data
  • Projects management
  • User experience design

Google launches a free Android and Kotlin course to learn how to program applications without any previous experience

All courses have been designed by Google professionals working in these fields, students will not need to have any previous experience time to take the classes, and in addition to offering the $ 300 certification through Coursera, they are going to award 100,000 scholarships.

Along with this is the addition that Google itself will offer learning opportunities within the company so that people who complete the courses can train in the jobs they aspire to.

The programs kick off this fall, and Google’s move is one that certainly shakes the field of traditional education a bit. In the midst of a pandemic and when so many educational institutions have decided to move to totally remote modalities, this type of initiative they begin to go from being complementary to becoming a total alternative to the University, especially in the United States where it has extremely high costs.

Whether or not other companies are going to consider this type of certification at the same level that Google is doing, is not something we can say for now. But even in places like Silicon Valley, college degrees are becoming less valuable.