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Check if you can access the Minimum Living Income through the Social Security simulator

26 mayo, 2021

The last Council of Ministers in May approved the Minimum Living Income. A Social Security benefit aimed at ensuring a minimum monthly income for households in a particularly vulnerable situation.

The Minimum Vital Income, which seeks to reduce the poverty rate in Spain, guarantees an income of 462 and 1,015 euros depending on the number of people who live together as beneficiaries and their characteristics. It will not be fixed, it will complement the income of the family units until it reaches that amount and its amount will be linked to the increase in non-contributory pensions.

The Social Security has created a simulator of the Minimum Vital Income so that those people who want to know if they can be beneficiaries of this benefit and how much would correspond to them

To know If you meet the requirements to receive this benefit and know the approximate amount that would correspond to youIn addition to analyzing the conditions, you have at your disposal the Social Security Minimum Vital Income Simulator, which you can also use from your mobile. It does not involve a procedure; its purpose is informative.

How to use the Minimum Living Income Simulator and find out if you are entitled to help

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To use the Minimum Vital Income Simulator, just access its website, click on the button Start and answer each of the questions that will be asked.

Simulator works, visually, as if it were a chat. For each of the questions you ask us, which will appear as a balloon of a WhatsApp or Telegram conversation, we will reply Yes or Not, which corresponds according to the particular situation of our home.

How to apply for the Minimum Living Income online (as of June 15)

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Part of the answers for the question about the members of the family unit.

In some cases, the questions will have more than one answer option, such as when we must indicate how many adults and children live in the household who could potentially benefit from this benefit. In any case, to answer the questions we will not need any type of documentation, since the questions refer to data such as household members, the application for other aid or the income received.

Based on our responses, if the tool finds that we do not meet some of the requirements will inform us of it.

Https Minimum Income Vital Seg Social Innova Es 3

Response from the Minimum Living Income Simulator indicating that we are entitled to the benefit, as well as the calculation that must be made to know the amount.

Giving money to people, without conditions, is the best way to eliminate poverty

If according to our answers we can be beneficiaries, We will be told that we may be entitled to the Minimum Living Income as long as our monthly income does not exceed a certain figure. On the other hand, the amount to be received will have to be calculated by ourselves from the information provided in the confirmation message, since the amount will be the difference between the monthly income received and a certain figure.

We must bear in mind, as the simulator itself tells us, that This is a simulation and is for informational purposes only. The administration, upon request in most cases, will determine according to the data it handles and the documentation provided by the interested parties if they are entitled to the benefit and how much will be the amount to be received monthly.

Applications to receive the Minimum Vital Income can be processed from June 15 through the Electronic Headquarters of Social Security and it is more than recommended that by then you have an electronic certificate and / or are registered in the highly recommended system Cl @ ve.