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Check your English spelling and grammar with the Grammarly Chrome extension

26 mayo, 2021

Online translators are becoming an increasingly used tool when it comes to write emails, blog entries or social media posts in English. But sometimes, not knowing the meaning of a word is not as important as providing our writing with a correct grammatical structure, something that as we all know is the pending subject of these translators.

Spell Checker & Grammar Checker by Grammarly is an application for Chrome that tries to solve this problem not only integrating into most web pages in which we write to point out and correct our spelling mistakes, but also to warn ourselves of grammatical errors and give us the necessary explanations to learn from mistakes.

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Grammarly is a website to which we can upload documents or create them from scratch to make use of its complete spell control suite. With your application for Chrome we will have the same benefits as on your page, but we can use your corrections both when writing in our blogs and by doing so on our social networks or emails.

Using this application will require registering on its website and choosing between its free or paid mode with advanced options. Although it must be said that we have found that it does not recognize 100% of grammatical errors, it does notice enough to become a useful tool. The only downside we found is that currently only compatible with Chrome, but we will follow it closely in case it also reaches other browsers.

Link | Spell Checker & Grammar Checker by Grammarly
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