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ChimpFeedr allows you to combine several RSS feeds into one

27 mayo, 2021

One of the advantages of feeds RSS I mentioned in this article is that they are very flexible and allow us to customize and filter them in order to get information only on a certain topic on a website or blog (Leaving out any category or label that does not interest us). There have been services like Yahoo Pipes for a long time, with which it is possible to granularly filter a certain feed to receive the information we want. However, Pipes has the flaw of being somewhat complex to use for people with less experience. That is why today we present you ChimpFeedr, an alternative that fulfills a function similar to Pipes, but more intuitively.

Basically, ChimpFeedr allows us take several separate feeds and combine them into one. This is very useful as many blogs (including Genbeta) offer feeds RSS different according to each label, category and author. For example, if you see the articles that are in the Windows category of this blog, you can see that there is a feed RSS the only one that allows you to receive only Windows news.

So if someone wants to receive only news from Genbeta related to Windows and mobiles, they simply have to add both feeds in ChimpFeedr, and this service will return a feed to us. RSS only one that contains the news of both categories. Once created, we can name it whatever we want, add it to a reader, or share it. Simpler, impossible.

The limitation that ChimpFeedr has is that technically does not allow filtering an existing feed. That is, if we want to receive all the news from a blog except those related to a certain topic, we have no choice but to add all the existing categories one by one except the one we do not want. Certainly something very cumbersome. For this reason, ChimpFeedr is an option only recommended to those who do not need something more complex, or who do not have the time and / or the desire to learn how to use a more complete solution such as Yahoo Pipes.

Via | AddictiveTips
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