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Chrome 68 for Android already shows you pages without HTTPS as insecure

27 mayo, 2021

Google is already satisfied with version 68 of Google Chrome to officially launch it on all its platforms, including Android. One of its most visible novelties is that now HTTP web pages are marked as insecure.

This indicator is added in the address bar itself and for now in Chrome for Android it is not as explicit as in the desktop version, because due to space issues only an icon is shown and not the text “Not safe”.

The opposite of the padlock

Info Same page in Chrome 67 and Chrome 68

Until now Google Chrome only informed you of the secure pages, adding the icon of a padlock next to the web address and putting the https: // at the beginning of the address in green. Now, as detailed in his blog, the pages that do not use HTTPS but HTTP receive the stigma of a new icon whose meaning is that the connection is not secure.


Tapping on this icon explains that the connection is not secure, so you should refrain from sending confidential information such as credit cards or passwords, as an attacker could access or modify this data, by not be encrypted on its way from your mobile to the server.

This does not necessarily mean that any data you send to a page marked as unsafe will automatically be seen by outside eyes, but it is more a pressure measurement to give you visibility and get more websites to switch to encrypted connections. According to Google data, 76% of the traffic on Google Chrome is now encrypted.

The changes will not end here, but the idea is that over time the padlock disappears and the non-secure page indication becomes increasingly aggressive, going from the neutral information button to red text when you enter personal information on an HTTP page (image above).

Google Chrome: fast and secure

Google Chrome: fast and secureVaries by device.

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