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Chrome Web Store, Google’s application store

27 mayo, 2021

Today during the first Google I / O 2010 Keynote one of the novelties that have been presented has been the Chrome Web Store, Google’s application store. We are going to see a little more in detail what this new option offers us to acquire software for the browser.

In the first place, it is a store designed to take advantage of the potential of the browser, Chrome, in this case. They have promised that it will be available at the end of the year for both Windows, Mac, Linux and of course Chrome OS, which would be one of the systems that would most take advantage of this option due to the philosophy of the operating system in which Google is working.


Applications will come integrated into a browser tab similar to what is already shown in Chrome OS. In this tab, the applications that we are buying in the Google Web Store will go, and they will always be available from anywhere that we connect with Chrome as a browser.

In the keynote they have offered some examples of applications or games from the Web Store, as in the case of Plants vs. Zombies game developed in flash or a Sports Illustrated prototype developed with HTML5. With this type of application, Google wants to export the success of the Apple App Store to the world of the web browser. Undoubtedly a success and very much in line with the philosophy of being always connected that Google advocates.

And little else has been seen from this software store, beyond the Essential documentation for developers start working. They promise us important news shortly when it comes to offering more information as the project takes shape. We will see to what extent the applications presented to us are not useful and it is worth investing in them.

It looks like a very clever move by Google. A success when it comes to attracting developers to work on offering their applications for the Chrome browser. With this, they are sure to gain even more market share in the world of browsers where in a short time they are taking giant steps. On the other hand, when they launch their Chrome OS operating system, they will have a significant number of applications available, which not only can be used on that system, but if we work with more than one computer, we can use them thanks to the Chrome browser.

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