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Compile your code in a multitude of languages ​​without IDE with these online compilers

27 mayo, 2021

We recently discussed in Genbeta Dev the many practical programming language learning platforms that exist, through which one can begin to test the syntax of a language and dynamically see the results. But today we comment on the numerous online platforms that instantly compile dozens of different languages, without having to install an IDE and a compiler.


The first of these online tools is IDEone, which allows us to test and debug code in more than 60 programming languages ​​and allows us to easily share the code with anyone. The operation is very simple: we choose the language to use and then a small sample code appears.

In addition, it allows us not to make our code public (and that it does not appear in the latest codes of the platform) or private and access it while registered, which makes it an alternative to test certain functionalities of a code without having to resort to the heavy IDEs.

In addition, it also allows a code to be embedded in any page.

More information | IDEone

Compile Online

Compile Online

On the other hand we have Compile Online, which has almost a hundred languages ​​to compile instantly. In this case there is a peculiarity and that is that it allows us to have several files simultaneously that interact with each other, so we can have different files that contain different classes or have configuration text files that we will read later, to put several examples.

More information | Compile Online



Unlike the previous online compilers, Codepad does not have that light part of the IDE with debugger, but rather its purpose is to be able to quickly paste a text and return a page that we can pass to anyone with the code and the result after executing it.

It does not support a large number of languages, but several of the most used, such as: C, C ++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, PHP, Perl … The image above is of a quick code made in Python, which is you can check the code and the result simply with the link.

More information | Codepad

Finally we have, which unlike the previous ones, this tool interprets the code instantly on the client and not on the server as in the previous cases.

It has about 15 languages ​​and saves the code snippets, in addition to the execution session, so it shows us all the inputs that we have entered through the console and their results.

The code in the image is a small fragment of Python and can be easily accessed with a link, like some of the previous ones, it also allows forks of the codes and different sessions.

More information |

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