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Complicated CAPTCHAs? Exchange them for advertising messages and earn a little money

26 mayo, 2021

Solve Media from Solve Media on Vimeo.

The CAPTCHA, those strange buzzwords that sometimes we have to write on some pages to register, they can be very uncomfortable at times. Starting from that base, the startup Solve Media has created a new way of displaying them, replacing those words with advertisements.

As you can see in the image, with this technology they call Type-In the previously strange words become part of commercials. In this case, for example, to confirm our identity it would be enough to type the word “Browse Safer”

This supposes a very interesting opportunity both for the advertisers themselves and for the webs decide to use this technology. Not only do you simplify the text to be written by users who visit your page or use your service, but you also open a new revenue stream through advertising in these small spaces.


Companies that decide to advertise will pay only in cases where the message is written correctly, not for the times that they are shown. Said message it will never be made up of the words of a specific product, as commented by the people behind Solve Media, although it is clear that certain messages can help to associate a slogan with a brand, even forcing it to be written.

If you are able to make everything work properly and that we are not constantly bombarded with more repetitive or unattractive advertising, it is very likely that they have in their hands a good way to monetize these small spaces, with benefits everywhere.

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