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contacting one will be as easy as scanning their code

27 mayo, 2021

Just a few days ago WhatsApp launched QR codes for users, a feature that now comes to WhatsApp Business with the aim of facilitating contact with companies by a really practical method.

If before we wanted to contact a company present on WhatsApp, we had to add their phone number to our contacts manually and, from there, write to them. Now, starting a chat with a company is now as easy as scanning their QR code that can be displayed in establishments, purchase receipts, advertising or product packaging, for example.

Starting a chat with a company is now as easy as scanning their QR code

How QR codes work to start chats with companies in WhatsApp Business

The companies they can generate their QR code from WhatsApp Business by clicking on the three vertical points that we find in the upper part of the screen, accessing the tools or Business tools, by selecting the option shortened link or Short link and clicking on view.

The QR code you get can be shared or saved to later be physically printed in all kinds of support: product packaging, shop windows, advertising material, invoices, etc. In addition, it is possible to configure a default message that can appear when customers scan the code with their mobile phone and start a chat.

Every month more than 40 million people consult company catalogs, according to WhatsApp, which are now easier to share

This is how WhatsApp Business works, the instant messaging application for companies

From here, companies will be able to hold a conversation, being able to provide all kinds of information, including their catalogs of products for sale. A tool that is having a good reception according to the company, which ensures that every month more than 40 million people consult company catalogs by WhatsApp.

In this sense, WhatsApp has also announced that to expand the possibilities of this feature now the catalogs can be shared entirely or by products through links on websites, Facbeook, Instagram and anywhere else. Customers can also share them.

Links to catalogs are available globally, as well as QR codes for companies that use the WhatsApp Business application or the WhatsApp Business API.