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Convert any image to vector using this free online tool

22 mayo, 2021

When we talk about designing, one of the most recommended formats to use is the vector. Its main advantage is that, unlike raster images (such as JPEGs), these can be enlarged and reduced as much as desired without losing quality or sharpness. That is why the .svg or .ai format is the one chosen to design logos or images that will be printed on a large format support.

Vectorizing an image is not a complicated task if you know how to use Illustrator, the pen and you have some patience (especially in larger images and in color). However, for simple images and illustrations, it’s faster and just as useful to use Vectorizer.

Convert your PNG and JPEG to vector using Vectorizer

Vectorizer is a completely free online tool capable of converting any image you want into a .svg. It supports PNG, BMP and JPEG files up to 1MB in size and the results are really good. Just upload the image you want and wait. The web will convert raster images, made up of pixel grids, into vector graphics made up of points, lines and curves. While the former lose quality when changing their size, the latter will remain intact whatever you do with them.

The tool takes a couple of seconds to complete the conversion, although it depends on the size and level of detail of the photo. For example, the Genbeta logo that we used for the test took just a second. Once finished you will get the code of the colors used in the image, you can modify the blur so that the edges are somewhat more defined and, in the photos that have a white background, you can remove it by choosing “None” in the “Background” tab. When you’re done, hit the blue button that says “SVG Download” to download the vector. As simple as that.

Vectorize Genbeta The original image is very small, only 2 KB, and is 225 x 225 pixels in size. That image could not be used if we wanted to enlarge it. With the vector these problems disappear.

The free version of the web has a limit of three images per hour and ads. For occasional use it is more than enough. If you want to expand the functions, the basic plan costs 11.99 euros every three months. It has a limit of 100 photos per hour, it has no ads, tracking or captchas and your images will have priority when being processed.

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