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Convert, optimize and resize images in one click thanks to this simple free webapp

27 mayo, 2021

A common problem that many of us experience when sharing some images on the web are image size limits imposed by some platformsWhether it’s social networks, email, or even uploading photos for a blog post, we are rarely going to be able to upload large files such as a photo larger than 5 MB.

This is because the ideal is optimize content for the web, so that the pages load faster and less bandwidth is consumed on the servers. This is where a tool like can be very useful.

This small web application that is also available as an extension for Chrome, serves just that: optimizing and resizing images so that they are less heavy but without noticeable loss of quality.

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Using this tool is extremely easy, you just have to upload the image by choosing it from the disk on your computer, choose the parameters you want to adjust and download it again with a much lower weight.

You can choose if you are going to resize either width only or length only, or both dimensions interlaced. You can also choose a custom resolution, and a degree of optimization that determines how much image quality is compressed.


In the end you can also choose if you want to convert the image to one of the three supported output formats: Webp, jpg or png. Although you can upload more types of formats, you can only convert to those three.

The service is completely free and you do not need to register to use it. Its creators say that the whole process runs locally in your browser, and do not store any images uploaded by users on their servers.