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Coursera offers free more than 3,800 courses and certificates from IBM and Google for university students

26 mayo, 2021

Being able to take courses for free is one of the best things that platforms like Coursera have brought to the Internet. If during the confinement we have seen that there were many offers and the possibility of taking many paid courses at no cost, now the course website has announced a plan for university students and postgraduate students that will allow them to access more than 3,800 courses, 150 guided projects, 400 specialized programs and as many professional certificates.

Up to now, Accessing these courses was already free, but Coursera did not offer certificates or help to those who took them. For this you had to pay $ 39. That is the figure that the platform will now offer to those who want to specialize and have certificates that they can include on their resume.

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Free Coursera Deadlines, Requirements, and Certificates


The gratuitousness of the announced will not be for life. Courserá will offer classes and certificates for free until September 30, 2020In other words, whoever wants to take the courses can do it during the summer. Later, you will have to pay. Registration will open from today, and until July 31 there will be no payment information to be added.

To consider ourselves students, Coursera will require that when we request to participate in a course we do so with a verified school email. This can be problematic if Coursera does not identify our email as an educational one, so we may have to contact the company to indicate that we are.

In addition to groups, Coursera also offers guided projects and specializations. The first ones are very small and specialized courses that have a cost of 9 euros. These are now free, but will continue to be after September 30. The specializations are broader and include several courses focused on specific topics, which means that their duration can last up to a year.

Lastly, Coursera offers professional certificates that can be of great interest for the Genbeta audience that needs to add to their resume. We are talking about courses for Google or IBM services, with some of them being taught by professionals from the companies. These are the 11 professional certificates that Coursera offers: