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Create a corrupt file online

22 mayo, 2021

Create a corrupt file can be used to test your applications, but it can also be used to muddle through before a delivery date that you have not been able to meet. To buy a little more time, why not send a document that looks like the real thing but can’t be opened?

A dirty trick and not too moral, but in the worst case scenario, it will earn you a few more hours to finish the project or task that we had been entrusted with. The service is called Corrupt A File and its use could not be easier: first you select the file you want to corrupt, and click the button Corrupt file; after a while a window will appear where you can download the new file.

Of course, it is a trick that you cannot use twice, but it can get you out of a pinch. The truth is that it is a delight to see how when trying to open a photograph or a document, simply an error message appears as if there had been a problem during the download of the file.

Link | Corrupt A File