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create beautiful geometric shapes with these digital spirographs

27 mayo, 2021

There are few things more relaxing than using a spirograph and seeing how little by little colored geometric shapes are created. With this toy we get draw math curves known as hypotrocoids and epitrocoids.

If you don’t want to spend money on a spirometer and you want be hypnotized watching how these geometric figures are created in your browser, this website created by Nathan Friend will be great to spend some time drawing.

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You can share your creations and see other people’s

Its design is great, and its interface is reminiscent of photo editing programs. On the left side we will find a panel in which to select the size and shape of the two cylinders (the one that remains fixed and the one that rotates).

On the right side we will find a panel in which to select colors: both for background and for drawing. We can change the color as many times as we want, in order to create works full of shapes and colors.

Window And Inspirograph

Next to the colors we will find a series of tools that allow us to hide or show the cylinders, erase everything we have drawn, save the image on our computer and a guide with keyboard shortcuts.

Window And Inspirograph 2

Another interesting point is that there is a gallery where you can view drawings created by other users. If we want to share what we have created, we will simply have to click on the button that appears below to save the file.

Window And Spirographn

If you want to experiment with another digital spirograph, I recommend you try this one created by SeedCode. The design and operation is a little different (you will only have to press a button to start drawing), and that will surely make us create different works than those we end up doing with the other tool.