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create virtual machines with Windows, Linux or Android to run inside your iPhone or iPad

27 mayo, 2021

Usually the topic of virtual machines we usually consider it mainly in desktop environments where they make more sense and usefulness, but given that current mobile devices have so much processing power, it is not unreasonable that we can use them to virtualize other systems, even if it doesn’t make much sense or use.

This is perhaps the case with UTM, a complete virtual machine host for iOS that allows us to run Windows, Android or Linux directly on our iPhone or iPad, and without the need for jailbreak.

Free, open source and no need to jailbreak

UTM is an open source project under development, so there really isn’t a public release, nor do they have dates for one. They are looking for help from developers and you can find all the details on GitHub.

This is the fastest and easiest way to create a virtual machine with Ubuntu within Windows 10

However, it is possible to test it on your device following the detailed instructions available for this. The first thing you should know is that you will need an Apple developer account to be able to sideload unapproved applications without the need for jailbreak. That is, apps like UTM.

If you already have one or if you create a new account, you can install UTM simply from AltStore. The biggest problem you would face is what they warn on the UTM website, Apple’s free developer accounts require you to log in every seven days to stay active, and right now you are also facing a bug in iOS 13.3.1 with free accounts. . You can use earlier or later versions of the system.