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Create WordPress templates from scratch with Cool Template

26 mayo, 2021

One of the virtues of CMS as WordPress it is the facility we have to modify its appearance. However, doing this to our liking and measure can sometimes be very complicated. If you think the task of developing your own staff is a bit too big for you, you can use a service like Cool Template, which will be very helpful.

Cool Template it’s a service gratuitous through which you can create templates for your blog in WordPress, although it also allows export templates to HTML with CSS, Joomla and The site requires registration, although you can test its benefits without doing so. Of course, you will not be able to download the final product that you obtain during that test.

The site uses an Ajax interface heavily easy to use. We can customize things like the number of sidebars, the position and appearance of the navigation bar, the appearance of the header, etc. Go, virtually every aspect of the template, being able to upload our own images as a background or logo. Dispose of 60 color schemes to choose from, although we can create our own.

The designs that we create remain stored in our account, so that we can retrieve and modify them using the same editor whenever we want. Offers the option of create our own “export”– A set of files to be added to the finished template download, so that we can customize the format for a different CMS. The site includes a text editor for creating or modifying these files.

Personally, I see it as ideal for those who, without much knowledge, want to create their own theme. Or also, and perhaps mainly, to use it as a basis to develop it, saving us from having to start from scratch. Don’t expect to do fancy stuff like entry pages with thumbnails or slideshows, but at least a custom simple template if you can do.

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