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create your own disposable phone numbers at your convenience

27 mayo, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I always get a “tip” of doubt every time a service asks for my phone number to be able to use it. And more and more people are saving that number when sometimes they only need it temporarily, especially with collaborative consumption services. And given the high prices of having more phone lines, Ad Hoc Labs have created an application called Burner capable of create temporary phone numbers.

Imagine, for example, that you give your mobile to a stranger to sell him something second-hand on eBay. Or that you rent your room with Airbnb, or that you have a work project with colleagues that in a short time you will stop seeing. These are cases in which Burner enters, with the ability to create additional phone numbers for each case from which receive calls or SMS and MMS messages.

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In this way, each person will have a different number that we can completely remove when it suits us. The job project can last a few weeks, and eBay can be removed as soon as the sale is complete. The result is that none of those people will know our real phone number.

The bad news comes when I tell you that Burner’s operation is focused on the United States and that works on the basis of payment creditsAlthough it would not surprise me to see it active in more countries soon if the experiment works. When many applications and services ask us for the phone, we lose a little privacy, and this can be a perfect solution so that our agenda is not filled with unknown contacts. Burner is compatible with iOS and Android.

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