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Create your own karaoke songs for free from this website

22 mayo, 2021

It seems like a fad of the past, but it is entertainment that has never gone away. The karaoke It has been alive for many years, it has continued to be even transformed into a video game and it will last because the moments of fun it gives us are really great. It is impossible not to have a good time.

The problem, many times, is that it is difficult to recreate without the right resources. Beyond microphones and a sound system, the songs (without the vocal part, of course) are the fundamental thing. And they are usually not easy to come by.

Vocals Remover allows us to remove the voices from a song and obtain an instrumental version for karaoke

In order that we can create free and easy karaoke songs we have a web-based tool like Vocals Remover.

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Removing the vocals from any song

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The operation of Vocals Remover is extremely simple. We will only have to have the song to be transformed in mp3 or wav format, keep in mind that it does not weigh more than 80 MB and upload it to the web by dragging the file or loading the musical theme from our computer.

Once the song is uploaded, this service will start working by showing us a message with a certain thank you: “The band is re-recording without the singer … This could take a minute or two”. When we see this it is important that we keep the web open; if we close it we will lose our job.

Depending on the song, the result will be better or worse, but in all the tests we have carried out, the theme we obtain is perfectly suitable for karaoke.

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As soon as it is finished, it will show us a button to download the song that we have uploaded without the vocal part. The singer or singers will have disappeared as if by magic. It should be noted that depending on the song the result will be better or worse, but in all the tests we have carried out what we obtain is a song in which most of the musical base is still present, being ideal for karaoke. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much better than nothing.

Vocals Remover is a free service, as we have already mentioned, and just limit its use to seven songs per week. If you want to collaborate with the creator, after passing a song through the voice extractor we have the option of making a financial donation or tweeting about the service to spread it.