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customize the desks to your liking

24 mayo, 2021

Although Android has certain limits on customization since it is not possible to do anything (at least in a simple way), it does open the door to anyone can make their phone look what they want. Vary the style, apply themes, mutate the desktop icons, and even make various customizations with them, such as resizing them. As is often the case, there are a number of ways to do it.

Let’s go to what interests us: How can you change the size of the icons in Android? Customizing this key aspect of desktops is quite simple, but not all mobiles allow it as standard. So we have compiled the ways for you to do what you want with them: both make the shortcuts well visible and reduce the size of those icons until they fit better in your desktop or app drawer layout.

Change the app grid

Resize icons

Let’s start with a simple way to change the size of the icons in Android, also quite universal: increase or decrease the grid on the desks. Or what is the same: you can alter the number of rows and columns that will appear on the device; resulting in larger icons (when you reduce the number of the grid) or smaller (whenever you increase the grid).

For this process you only need to do the following:

  • Hold down on a free space on your mobile desktop and wait for the start menu options to appear.
  • Select startup settings.
  • Look for a menu similar to ‘Quad’. The specific name may vary.
  • You will see that some combinations of rows and columns appear: you just have to choose the lowest numbers if you want the big icons and the highest if you want to reduce the icons.
  • This setting can be applied to icons on the desktop as well as those in the app drawer. You choose.
  • Additionally, your mobile may allow you to change the size of the icons directly. From the start menu or from the ‘Themes’ application, try there too.

In this way you will have more or less icons, also their size will have been reduced or increased. It only affects the icons and their number, the rest of the system will remain intact. But, if you didn’t have enough with the grid, you can change the screen density by changing the icons with it. It will also affect the rest of the phone.

How to change the screen density

Resize icons

If increasing or decreasing the application grid the proportion of the icons changes, the same happens when we alter the density of the screen: depending on whether it is lower or higher, the size of the icons will increase or decrease. The problem is that this affects the entire phone, a trade-off that you will have to suffer if you opt for this method.

To change the density of the screen in Android you must do the following:

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Go to the screen options.
  • Locate the ‘Screen content size’ menu. The exact name may vary (‘Screen Zoom’ on Samsung mobiles, for example).
  • Move the selector to the left or right to alter the density of the screen: this will also change the dimensions of the icons.

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Additionally, there is another way to alter the screen density in case the size of the icons does not quite adapt to your needs: force it from developer options. You must be more careful as it is easy to go over, but you can always reverse the changes:

  • Go to your Android settings, go to ‘About phone’ (or similar) and click ten times on ‘Build number’. You may have to enter a software information menu.
  • Enter the developer options menu, you probably have to enter your unlock PIN first.
  • Look for something like ‘Smaller width’. It is the screen density setting.
  • Write down the number that is written (in case you have to revert changes) and write a smaller one if you want to increase the icons and a larger number if you want to reduce them. Remember that this affects the entire phone, not just the app shortcuts.
Resize icons

So far you have two ways to customize the dimensions of the items on the desktop and the app drawer, but there is still a third. Although yes, you will have to install an application to change launcher.

Change the size of the icons with a launcher

Resize icons

Thanks to the extreme customization of Android you can completely alter the style of the phone just by installing a new launcher. And this concerns the icons: there are applications that allow you to customize its appearance, the grid and even its size independently. Like the always welcome Nova Launcher, a highly recommended choice when choosing a new launcher.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Once you have installed and started Nova Launcher (configure it by choosing Nova when you press the start button or Home) you can start with the guide to change the size of the icons. Do it like this:

  • Hold down on an empty spot on the desktop and click on ‘Settings’.
  • Go to ‘Desktop’ and then ‘Icon layout’.
  • In ‘Icon size’ you have a selector to change the dimensions of the shortcuts: adjust it as you wish.
  • Also, in the above menu of ‘Desktop Grid’ you can customize icon rows and columns. By altering their number you also change the size.
  • After resizing the desktop icons, you must change the dimensions of the icons in the application drawer. Choose that menu in the Nova Launcher settings (‘App Drawer’).
  • Go to ‘Icon layout’, uncheck the option ‘Adjust desktop size’ and change the size of the icons with the horizontal selector.
  • Additionally, you can change the drawer grid: depending on the number you will see the icons smaller or larger.