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Deep Nostalgia now revives your old photos with new animations of kisses, dances, winks and more

26 mayo, 2021

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia has become one of the revelations of this 2021, using the technology of Deep fakes video at the service of recovering old photos with an interesting twist: it converts them in short animations with subtle movements.

The result is not videos as crazy as Wombo’s, but rather a representation of what a normal person would be like if instead of taking a photo, we had recorded a small video. Until now Deep Nostalgia included ten similar animations, with small movements but without any specific action. Now they have added ten animations of various actions such as smiling, dancing, kissing or winking.

Your old photos more animated than ever

Deep Nostalgia is a function of restoration and creation of videos from old photos leveraging D-ID’s Live Portrait technology. Basically, the system clones the movements of example recorded videos in the photos that you provide to the system. Deep Nostalgia is available in the MyHeritage app and, without installing anything, from the web.

The best apps to restore old photos with your mobile

The application works exactly the same as the first time we told you about it, with the difference that now you can choose between new animations with concrete actions, whereas before all of them were somewhat stationary. These animations are smile, dance 1, dance 2, kiss, gratitude, kiss and wink, eyebrows, approval, sideways and compassion.

Select animation

The bad news is that, unlike the ten standard animations that came with Deep Nostalgia early on, these new animations require a full subscription that, today and taking advantage of a 20% discount, represent 174.99 euros per year, which is said soon. They include, yes, other benefits beyond giving new life to your photos.

It’s a high price to pay for making your ancestors (or really whatever photos you have on hand) wink at you, but if they don’t always fit you the ten standard animations with small subtle movements, which is still free in exchange for including a watermark. These animations are now available both on the web and in the MyHeritage applications.

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