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Delete the passwords and accounts stored in our system

27 mayo, 2021

Every time a person connects to MSN Messenger on your computer, or ever uses a Microsoft passport account, they are leaving a mark on your system, a residue that can be eliminated, and that you may want to know how to eliminate, so that remove all traces of accounts in Windows.

In this step by step you will see, with screenshots included, how to delete residual accounts on your Windows.

1) The first thing is to go to the Start Menu, and click on the image next to the name of the computer, in the case that you use the old theme in Windows you have to go to Control Panel> User Accounts:


2) Click on Start:


3) Select your account:


4) Click on Manage my network passwords:


5) In this new window all the accounts that are in your system are shown, in the image it is hidden, but it shows you the email address and the type of account, by pressing the delete button you can forget that they have been there :