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desktop.ini, what it is and what it is for

26 mayo, 2021

Those who work with Windows will have noticed that in many folders there is a small hidden file called desktop.ini. This file is used, nothing more and nothing less than to give a configuration to the folder. In this configuration we can specify the background color, the icon that shows the folder and another series of parameters.

As I have said, this file is found in many folders and can be modified without any problem. Also, if a folder does not contain a desktop.ini We can create it ourselves, yes, following a series of guidelines.

The first and most important thing is that this file must be Read Only, with which if we modify or create it first, we must make sure of this because otherwise it will not work. In addition, and as I have already said, it must also be in the root of the folder that we want to have those characteristics.

Now we simply have to modify it or create one. If, for example, we want to change the background and the color of the text, we introduce something similar to this:


Attributes = 1 IconArea_Image = C: imagen.jpg IconArea_Text = 0 × 00ffffff
ConfirmFileOp = 0

On IconAreaImage we must specify the path of the image that we want to have as a background and in IconAreaText we must introduce the color code that we want the text to have. On the other hand, if what we want is to change the folder icon, we introduce something like this:


IconFile = C: icon.ico IconIndex = 0

On IconFile We must enter the path of the icon, and we can write the one we want there. We must bear in mind that all these are not important changes and we will not be able to annoy the system much, so with any symptoms of problems we delete the file desktop.ini and start over.

Also, if we are somewhat lost, there is a complete guide on the internet on how to modify said file, which, although it is in English, is quite interesting.

Via | RubenDomfer Guide | How to modify desktop.ini