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Devices and activity, control access to your Google account with this new panel

26 mayo, 2021

Google has just made available to its users a new security panel through which we can control and manage all the devices from which our personal account is accessed. The information will be shown to us in a simple and easy to understand or control way through the now classic Google pop-up cards.

This panel will show us the information of any mobile, tablet, Chromebook or computer laptop or desktop from which we access, and it will give us data such as the first login of each device, the last, which browser has been used or even the places from which our Google account has been accessed.


If we believe that someone else has been accessing our account without our consent, Google has also made a new security assistant available to us. Accessing it from the option to protect our account, we will be offered different solutions such as changing password, checking recovery information, disabling access for less secure applications or checking access permissions.

Protect Your Account

In this last option, to check the access permissions, the different websites, applications, and Android devices that have permission to use our Google account will be broken down into a list, and we will have the option to revoke access to each of them.

Via | Google
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