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Dire, Dire Docks Stars pixiegames

5 julio, 2021

Course 9 of Super mario 64 is another level of water – the Dire, Dire Docks, which leads Mario to a dock that appears to have been taken over by Bowser.

To get to Dire Dire Docks and start looking for their power stars, you will need to go through the large star gate in the basement area of ​​the castle and jump into the huge wall of water. After completing the first star, the wall of water will move back a bit to allow you to access a well that leads to the second encounter with Boss Bowser.

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mario 64 dire dire docks stars Super Mario 64: Dire, Dire Docks Stars

Dire, Dire Docks Star 1: Climb aboard Bowser’s Submarine

This star is self explanatory, and this star is also unique in that it includes other content – you have to grab this star before you can face Bowser’s second boss battle in another Bowser stage. To achieve this, simply make your way through the underwater tunnel by swimming, press the! Fire up the dock and then climb into the submarine to grab the star. Once you have caught this star, the submarine disappears forever.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 2: Chests in the Stream

Do you remember opening treasure chests in a specific order to grab a star without getting shocked in Jolly Roger Bay? Well, this star is like that. Dive into the pool, where the air stream is under the water> There are chests around here. They should swim open up and open in this order (assuming you are in the tunnel, emerging into the whirlpool area): left, right, far, near.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 3: Pole-Jumping for Red Coins

Another course, another 8 red coin challenge for Mario to try to master. In this case, the red coins are pretty easy to see, but they’re almost all up high as well, meaning you’ll need to use the jump poles that have replaced Bowser’s submarine to move around the level and grab all the coins. . It’s easy in terms of finding them, but you’ll just have to do those jumps correctly.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 4: Across the Jet Stream

If you recognize this star name, it’s because we’ve had it before, at Jolly Roger Bay. The solution is also similar. There is a jet stream where the submarine is, creating rings of water. You need to swim through 5 rings in a row to activate the appearance of the power star; then it’s at the bottom of a jet stream, just like that star in Jolly Roger Bay. You even grab it the same way too – grab the metal lid and dive into it.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 5: Manta Ray’s Bounty

This star is not that different from the previous one, only without the jet stream. Now it is the turn of the Manta Ray in the first part of the tour to leave behind those striking rings that it leaves behind. You simply have to swim through five in a row to generate the power star, then go grab it.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 6: Pick up the caps

As the name of this star suggests, you will need to have both the metal cap and the leak cap (invisibility cap) activated to complete this star. Go to the submarine area; there are red grids here on a platform where there are blue and green boxes for these two lids. Grab both, then jump into the water to sink to the bottom with the metal cap, which will then allow you to enter the underwater red cage with the leak cap to grab the star. You can also just grab the breakaway cap and swim if you prefer, but it will have to be quick.

Dire, Dire Docks Star 7: Collect 100 coins

Dire, Dire Docks is, unfortunately, the second most coin-scarce tier in the game, right after another water stage. That means there are only a little over 100 coins in this level, so you will need all of them. There are also no enemies that drop coins. You will need all 6 blue coins and most of the red coins, so maybe you will try to tackle this at the same time as Star 3.

Once you’re done at Dire Dire Docks, it’s time to move on to another level – you can find all the courses in our Mario 64 guide.

Dire, Dire Docks Stars pixiegames