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Discover the color palette that dominates your Instagram

27 mayo, 2021

If you have already taken advantage of a tool like Top Nine to share your most popular photos of the year on Instagram, you may also be interested in this other one called Year of Color to discover your color palette on the social network during 2018.

What this website does is analyze all the photos you published during the year to select the most representative colors in them and thus put together a small color chart to show you.

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Analyze the colors of your photos during this or any other year on Instagram

Color Year

All you have to do is connect with your Instagram account and allow access to the app to analyze your images, this only works with public profiles And unlike Top Nine, you can only do it with accounts that you own. You cannot request any user’s color palette just by entering their name.

Then you must enter your email address and choose if you want the color report for all of 2018, for the last month, for another year or even a custom report. This will take more or less time depending on the number of photos the app has to process.

If it takes too long they will send you an email. Once you use the app, it is not enough that you choose to stop receiving emails from the site. Once your color palette is generated, you can also play with it a bit.

Play with colors according to different parameters

You can organize the colors by level of importance or how vibrant they are. You can emphasize saturated or brighter colors, you can center your favorite color, you can organize by time or popularity, and you can even play an animation of all the options.

It goes without saying that the result can be somewhat abstract but just as interesting. Besides that it can serve you to better polish your color palette, after all, the more consistent the colors of an account are, the better they usually do, so much so that the most popular Instagramers make a lot of money selling presets for which people to so your photos look the same.