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Discover with this website how many people had your last names in the 90s and in which part of Spain they were

21 mayo, 2021

Before the 16th century, the offspring of the same father and the same mother could have different surnames. Since 1505, a system initiated by Cardinal Cisneros fixed surnames in the way that it has continued to this day; although for a few years the paternal surname has no preference.

Be that as it may, whether you have common surnames or if they are a rarity, the Surname Map project can offer you an X-ray of its intensity and distribution throughout the map of Spain at the end of the 20th century.

The project was born with the aim of satisfying the curiosity of people who seek the distribution of surnames in Spain


A very accurate surname map

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This initiative is inspired by a similar Italian project and was born with the same objective: satisfy the curiosity of people looking for the distribution of surnames in the Spanish territory. A fact that can tell us where it is more common or what its origins may be.

Notably the source of the data of the web www.mapadea is the telephone book. The old telephone directories that were printed in the 90s served their creator, Ravara Stefano, to carry out an enormous and meticulous job of collecting and processing more than 14 million pieces of information.

The old telephone directories that were printed in the 90s were used by their creator to make the maps

This website allows you to obtain an attractive map with the streets and roads of any place to use as you want

Therefore, the photo offered by the maps that we can obtain, we must be clear that they are limited to two decades ago and to people who owned a telephone. Yes indeed, offers us a not inconsiderable precision when locating on the map the exact point of the town where they resided and, in addition, the number of the municipality in which the surname in question was present.

To get much more up-to-date statisticsAs well as a distribution by provinces without specifying the specific geographical location, we have this tool from the National Institute of Statistics. By entering a name or surname we can know how many people have it and what is the intensity by province.