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DivxTotaL has not closed, this is how it works in Spain despite the blockade

26 mayo, 2021

The Civil Guard announced yesterday the start of a campaign of blocking web pages from downloading content protected by copyright. They also specified that the dissemination was carried out through P2P network links.

Given that judicially blocked domains have been repeatedly reactivated in a matter of hours through other addresses or higher-level domains, the Benemérita assured that components of the Department of Telematic Crimes of the UCO, responsible for the investigation, were forced to take measures to “cause a total blockage of the same that will be effective and definitive”. But they have not achieved their goal.

The three websites mentioned and linked by the Civil Guard redirect to new websites where they continue to operate

Despite the mechanisms implemented against the reactivation of these download websites, the three sites mentioned and linked in the Civil Guard press release redirect to mirror pages in other directions. Nor, as the agents explain, are they “lacking download links.” These, at the time of publishing this article, work. His measures have not had any effect.

Various evidence collected by Genbeta give a good account of the fact that the blocks of at least some of these websites began at the beginning of the month and that, just coinciding with them, their managers or third parties began to work to provide alternatives. In any case, the correct access may depend on the internet service provider, since it seems that the blocks are being carried out through the operators. This is what we have found out.

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From to

Whois Divxtotal Co Data from the whois database of

In the case of, one of the best known websites in Spain and other countries for downloading movies, series or software, just click on the same link provided by the Spanish armed institute in the statement of their website to be redirected to the domain from which they currently operate,

A search in Google, simply entering “DivxTotaL”, also offers us as a first result this new direction, despite the fact that at the bottom of the page the search engine reports that in response to various claims (this and this one) received in relation to the US law for the protection of copyright, they have eliminated two results from the page.

DivxTotaL operates through since at least February 12

Divxtotal redirect The redirection of the domain

Taking a look at the registration data of the new domain, we can verify that was created just a few days ago, on February 6.

Just that same day a Twitter user complained that the domain up to then spread,, “they had taken it away”. The following day, February 7, another tweeter pointed out that through the Movistar network “access is blocked”. Finally, on February 12 and according to a tweet written in the Twitter profile that the web uses as a sort of feed, started trading with after the apparent blocking of, a domain that is available again.

The same user who could not access the original website on February 6 Indian on the 13th the new management also appeared intervened, but is currently online and it is possible to access it, as we have commented, being redirected from the original domain, searching in Google or typing it.

The other two cases

Websites Blocked Downloads Civil Guard Fragment of the Civil Guard statement where the original websites that have been blocked are linked, despite the fact that they currently redirect to alternatives.

Practically the same happens with another of the websites directly mentioned and linked by the Civil Guard, Supposedly it is blocked, measures for “an effective and definitive blocking” have been implemented in it, but the URL redirects to an online website that replaces it, As in the case of DivxTotaL, it is possible to reach it from the Benemérita website. Googling the expression “DTL Releases” can also be accessed.

Despite the fact that in this case it has not been possible to adequately track indications of the police actions prior to the announcement of the blockade, in the form of users complaining about the impossibility of access, thanks to the domain registration data, we do know that It was also created recently, specifically on January 26.

The alternatives to Divxtotal, DTL Premieres and other websites emerged coinciding with the first blockages detected

The third website linked by the armed institute,, also has an alternative in the form of a mirror web in another top-level domain, In this case, despite not being able to track the data of this top-level domain due to not having adequate support, we can see that Google has also indexed it on its pages.

Anyway, taking a look at we can assure that has been operational since at least November 22, 2017. In what appears to be your Twitter account they announced on January 29 that his site then,, was going to be down for a few days, despite the fact that links to games distributed through had been spreading on the net for weeks before.

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