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do magic with the cat to defeat the ghosts

22 mayo, 2021

Google has introduced a new game in one of its Doodles. And it is a continuation of another Doodle that was very successful: the wizard cat returns to defeat all the ghosts that come his way. And with a mechanic that is perfectly adapted to mobile screens: draw the signs of the enemies to defeat them.

Google often surprises us with more elaborate Doodles than usual, the way the company has to commemorate special dates based on modify your logo creatively. During these years we have witnessed ‘playable’ hits such as the Pac-Man Doodle, a game that dynamited the productivity of many companies. The Halloween Doodle 2016 was also highly commented, a game in which we played a fun magical cat. Did you want to continue? Well, take advantage, our protagonist has returned for Halloween.


Defeat by drawing hordes of ghosts

Google Halloween game

As is often the case with Google Doodles, the company succeeds in making the new game works just as well on desktop computers as it does on mobiles. In fact, it is in these latest devices where it is most enjoyed since the mechanics are highly tactile: you have to draw on the screen.

The story behind the Google Doodle: how the idea was born, who makes them and what is their creation process

In the new Halloween Doodle, it’s time to embody the wizard cat in a new adventure. The mechanics are repeated, also the majority of characters: each enemy will approach the cat with a symbol, or series of symbols, on the head. And to beat them the symbols that indicate us must be drawn on the screen. Vertical, horizontal bar, an inverted triangle, circles … The speed when making the lines is one of the keys to survive a greater number of waves, also the reflections and the temper.

Google Halloween game

The Halloween game is available for 48 hours: to play, just open your browser and go to (you can also open Discover, the Halloween Doodle is at the top of the screen).

Google Halloween game

It is very well adapted to mobile phones, the aesthetics are original and it can hold a few games, it is also easy get stung for a good score. You don’t have to be in a hurry because Google saves all of its Doodles so that anyone can access them as they please. The address of the complete catalog is this.