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Do people really read your tweets? This is how the new Twitter statistics are

27 mayo, 2021

Twitter has renewed the statistics section of its official website, with the intention that any user (both private and professional who will use them for business purposes) can easily interpret them. They already work from any account, you can check it yourself by accessing with the session started.

As you can see in the image above, the new statistics classify our activity by months. And each month we will have a breakdown of the tweets that have received the most visits, classified by type. We will have the general tweet with the most visits, the tweet with the most activity with an inserted image, the mention with the most visits or the new users who follow us and who in turn have more followers.

In addition, in the header of the page we will have small graphics that indicate the changes that have occurred with respect to the previous month in the number of tweets, visits to the profile, impressions of everything we have published, number of mentions or the evolution of our followers.

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Metrics button “express” in each tweet

Tweet Statistics

This new website is added to a button that some of you may have already noticed, present in each of our tweets and that is in the form of a small graphic. If we press it, we will see individual stats from that tweet: how many times it has been read, how many times it has been displayed to see the details, or how many times the image has been opened if we have attached one to the message.

They are useful changes, as I mentioned before, for the base user to animate to see what activity one of our tweets causes. It is appreciated, because the statistics from before were more focused on those who planned to analyze them deeply with the aim of launching advertising campaigns.

And make no mistake, this data is still great for advertisers. But at least now any curious person will have it easier to see what attracts people the most than what they tweet. I myself have been surprised by the tweets that are read the most about me timeline.

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