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do what you want with your disk space

26 mayo, 2021

If I have to be honest, one of the apps that impressed me the most in my early days was Partition Magic. The mess that can be done with that application on a hard drive, that if you resize … move partitions …

Thin point? Well, it is basically a paid application and that makes you lose integers in non-business use. Alternatives? many, but today we bring you one that as soon as I saw it I thought it was the aforementioned Partition Magic: Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition. What’s more, the same creators present it as such, an alternative to PM.

Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition is a utility for creating and managing, as its name suggests, disk partitions in this case, and if the use is not corporate, with zero cost and more than worthy performance. The creation, formatting and movement tests that I have carried out have left a very good taste in my mouth: zero errors and very good application speeds.

Advantage about some other apps? One of them for example is that we will not have to start the computer with a boot disk of the program but all operations can be done from Windows itself, with a very visual and simple interface, which makes it much more accessible to everyone.


The work system is simple and it is that we can do and undo as we please with the different options available from the taskbar. If we are already convinced, we apply changes and BOOM! changes applied. There are operations that may require a restart, if this is the case, the program will notify us and before it re-enters Windows, it will do the pending operations, but not before giving us the option to cancel the process.

These are some of the operations that we can do: * Create partitions. * Move partitions. * Resize partitions. * Delete partitions. * Hide partitions. * Change the partition letter. * Check the integrity of our partition.

All of them about IDE, SATA, SCSI drives, USB external drives, and Firewire external drives. Supported capacities range from 2GB to 1TB per disc and gets to endure the management of 32 hard drives. For its part, this free version can run on systems 32-bit Windows 2000 / XP / VistaIf we want to use it on 64-bit versions, we will need the paid version.

Something negative? does not support ext3 partitions for Linux installations, although that may be later fixed in the installation process of our distro preferred. As I said before, an application for my taste totally recommendable to do what we want with our records.

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