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Do you know the keyboard shortcuts and Facebook emoticons?

27 mayo, 2021

Like many other services, Facebook also has a number of keyboard shortcuts for those who like them. And not only that, but they also allow us to access some options much faster than using the mouse. Next, we will see what they are.

A shortcut is always made up of one or more modifier keys (CTRL, ALT, Shift) that must be pressed at the same time as another one on the alphanumeric keyboard. For example, the well-known CTRL+ ALT + DELETE. I say this because according to Facebook, the shortcuts are specific to each browser, so the modifier keys can change on each one. However, this is not entirely true, but I will clarify this later. First, let’s see how those keys work in the browsers they specify.

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  • In Internet Explorer for PC you have to use: Alt + # and then Enter
  • In Firefox for PC you have to use: Shift + Alt + #
  • In Safari for Mac you have to use: Command + #
  • In Firefox for Mac you have to use: Command + #
  • In Chrome you have to use: Ctrl + Alt + #

This is what Facebook says, but it is not entirely correct, at least on PC (Windows), because in chrome the key combination is not Ctrl + Alt + #, but just Alt + #. I don’t know if this behavior will be repeated on Mac or Linux ..

Another detail is that the behavior in Internet Explorer is not exactly exact and not all shortcuts work (and some work only depending on where we are). I have tried to point out with the indication [No IE] those that have not worked for me in Internet Explorer 10, although it is possible that they do in other versions.

In order not to complicate the list, you are going to allow me to use ALT modifier key as example for all the shortcuts since the browser I use now is Chrome. In the event that yours is another, replace ALT by the appropriate key or combination based on what I have put above.

  • L: When opening a photo, this key toggles between “I like” and “I no longer like”. When we press it, it shows us a warning that tells us so. Be careful, if we don’t check the box “Don’t ask me again” (it comes like this by default), the message will appear whenever we use this shortcut.
  • ALT+ /: Place the cursor in the search box. Actually the shortcut is ALT+ Shift + 7 (since seven is where we find the bar)
  • ALT+1: takes us to Home (that is, our stream).
  • ALT+2: takes us to our biography.
  • ALT+3: takes us to the Friends section.[No IE]
  • ALT+4: takes us to the inbox of our messages.[No IE]
  • ALT+5: takes us to our notifications.[No IE]
  • ALT+6: takes us to the account settings [No IE]
  • ALT+7: takes us to the privacy settings.[No IE]
  • ALT+8: takes us to the Facebook page on Facebook.
  • ALT+9: takes us to the conditions of use and company policies
  • ALT+0: leads us to help
  • ALT+ m: opens the window to write a new message

And to finish, let’s see the emoticons, which since they can be added in the comments are as useful as in the chat:

List of Facebook emoticons

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