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Documentary +, a new free platform to view documentaries on the web and applications without registration

27 mayo, 2021

Yesterday, Documentary + was launched, a streaming platform focused on documentaries, and that at the moment it is totally free and does not require registration to use it, as our colleagues from Xataka Home tell us.

In our case, we have tested it from the already linked web, from mobile, in applications for iOS and Android, and from an Amazon Fire Stick TV 4K. It also has an application for Roku and Apple TV, and the pity is that, for the moment, We do not see an option to change the audio or subtitle language.

A good catalog and quality considering its free

Documentary Plus

Documentary + is a pleasant surprise from the moment we open its interface and even its contents. It is very neat and clean, it only puts an ad before playing each documentary. It has a search engine, and content ordered by genre.

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Here’s how Bryan Mooser, co-founder of Documentary +, explains:

“There has never been such an exciting time for nonfiction. We are seeing new visionary directors emerge and streaming has given documentary films new global audiences.

With Documentary + we are not only building a home for some of the best documentaries of our time, but also giving creators another option for distribution as competition continues to increase. “

When it comes to image quality, it doesn’t disappoint either. Offers about 100 documentaries in 1080p resolution and H.264 / AVC codec, at about 6 Mbps maximum bitrate. It is not the best of the best, but it is not bad at all to allow us to see so much without paying a penny.

Among the titles there are gems like ‘The Imposter’, ‘Making Apes’, ‘Requiem for the American dream’ or ‘Hype!’. Whoever wants quality will not miss possibilities, but the problem will be that, without subtitles, it will be difficult to follow the video for people for whom English is not a native language.

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