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Does your child need reinforcement in math? These apps and games will help you

26 mayo, 2021

With the newly released course and classes in full swing, surely there are many who have wondered if they should not have insisted a little more on the booklets and review books of the different subjects. A situation that, however, is never too late to address.

In fact, it is possible to do it even in a fun way. And that is why today we collect some of the best educational apps and games that will help the little ones to review one of the subjects that is often difficult for them: the maths. Everything from a different, enjoyable point of view, and using the latest technologies.

Little mates

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PequeMates, as its name suggests, is a website where we will find all kinds of games for the youngest members of the home to reinforce this matter. A portal focused, of course, on children between 6 and 9 years old in which we find all kinds of fun resources. We are left with your section of ready games, ideal to test your ingenuity and whose variety is very wide.

In addition to this, however, the site is tremendously interesting for teachers, since it has the history of mathematics in a comic and with other resources such as animated videos, information on study techniques, optical illusions and others, which will be very useful in the classroom.



With Eduapps something similar to the previous one happens: that it is a portal focused on educational resources that go beyond mathematics. However, and of course, these have a place. In addition, one of its advantages compared to other previously reviewed tools is that its resources reach up to high school. We highlight your selection of applications for elementary, numbers and operations. Highly recommended, although you will have to search independently most of the apps and the descriptions leave something to be desired.


Little mates

As for Educapeques, it also has a selection of educational games focused on Primary Mathematics. To access them, you will only have to click on any of the signs (which represent the level or course) and, immediately afterwards, a new menu will open in which you must select the faction you want to reinforce.

To give you an idea, in second grade we find geometry measurements, numbers and calculus. On the other hand and in addition to the one you select, the page suggests others at the bottom. We highlight another related section: that of Logic Games, memory and ability. A very complete alternative for children to learn different disciplines while having fun.

Number Ninja


Number Ninja, meanwhile, is an app developed by Simple Play Studio and compatible with Android. A simple math game which focuses on mental agility when calculating certain operations. In addition, and although it starts in a simple way, the level of difficulty increases and adapts to that of the player. A good option to improve speed.

Primary World

Primary world

Although it is a general educational portal in which we will find everything from coloring pictures to cards and lessons to reinforce reading, Mundo Primaria also includes an interesting online games section. A section that is grouped by categories and in which mathematics has its own space.

In addition, we find content up to sixth grade. This, by the way, is organized into different sections such as problem solving, geometric figures, magnitudes, and numbers and operations. There are also thematic games on soccer, clothing and other educational materials. Its greatest virtue, in any case, is not only the variety, but the organization of the games and how specific they can be.

Math Workout

Math Workout is an application for both children and adults that has been inspired by the Kumon method. It tests the mental agility and the student’s calculation skills and tries to improve them.

The best thing is that it organizes the content by categories, so it is very useful if you want to reinforce specific areas. For example, in the menu we find one focused on multiplication and division but also others on addition and subtraction (addition and subtraction) and others to improve in Arithmetic, compete with other students and others.

Math runner

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Math Runner is a fun platformer game whose appearance reminds us, to a certain extent and with its limitations, of the traditional Mario Bros. Specifically, the objective of the game is to slide, jump and run as you solve different mathematical operations.

The idea is to get the correct results and avoid the wrong ones to get to a princess. As you progress, these get complicated. As for the interface, previously it was somewhat basic and flat; something that the latest versions have fixed.

The utility, on the other hand, also has sections that allow us to carry out a learning process monitoring of the child and includes personalized reports and specific material to improve certain skills. In short, a very interesting free option focused on children between 6 and 8 years old.

Country of the Games


Country of Games is a website that also puts at our disposal an endless number of tablecloth games of different levels. Here we find from those focused on the general public even others aimed at the little ones.

A website that offers us endless possibilities and in which we find games for all tastes. It includes sudokus, platform games, additions, multiplication, others in 3D, and so on. What’s more, is organized by categories, so it is very easy to find the content. It also integrates its own search engine.

Meerkat Math

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As for Meerkat Math, it is an application developed by two school teachers and programmers, free for iOS, and which has up to 8 different adventure mini-games to reinforce mathematics from the age of four. In addition, it has a multiplayer mode which is most useful when it comes to promoting competitiveness and motivating the student.

Every Mathematics Equivalent Fractions

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Although it is a paid app (it costs 1.99 euros in iTunes), Every Mathematics Equivalent Fractions, it is a complete tool that allows you to reinforce what it promises: equivalent fractions. A very specific feature that you get from the hand of different cards or cards.

The idea is that the player matches them so that they disappear from the board. Includes tutorials and comments to the answers. Its developer is Mc Graw Hill, also responsible for other math applications such as Name that Number, Tric-Trac and Monster Squeeze.


Designed for children between 4 and 14 years old, Smartick is not only an application, but a method for the little ones to learn mathematics by spending just 15 minutes a day. An online tool that adapts to the level and rhythm of the student, who receives an immediate response after completing the exercise. In addition to calculus, it also has problems in logic, geometry and others.

Includes video tutorials and a system of points that are obtained based on the achievements and that, once the exercise is over, they let you access other “hidden” educational games. A great way to get them to excel.

In addition, parents have the option of receiving an email with the results and are provided with a Advisory service to resolve any questions. Of course, although you can try it for free for 15 days, it costs between 19 and 39 euros per month. In any case, nothing like a private teacher.

The King of Mates

Compatible with both Android and iOS, the King of Mates is one of the most popular applications of this type. It allows you to practice operations and specific aspects such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers and roots, medians and averages, equations, fractions, and minimums and maximums. In addition, it has a large online community where you can exchange resources and impressions on the matter.

But how exactly does it work? Very simple: the objective of the game (aside from learning mathematics) is to prosper. We started out as modest farmers and, as we go beyond levels, also increases our status in this particular realm. Developed by Oddrobo, on its website you will find several versions.

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