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Don’t miss Hologram Background, the app to have 3D wallpapers thanks to the gyroscope

23 mayo, 2021

Wallpapers for mobile phones are not lacking, but maybe you have already tired of the same type of backgrounds. If you are looking for something different, we present you Hologram Background, an app to use backgrounds with a 3D effect that changes when you tilt the phone, sometimes called parallax effect.

Hologram Background has everything you need to give your mobile a more animated touch, using the many designs created by its user community or allowing you to create your own. Don’t miss it … as long as your mobile has a gyroscope.

Installation and permits

You can download Hologram Background from Google Play, so its installation has no mystery. The application it’s in english, although the truth is that you hardly need to read anything and it is sure that it does not pose any problem even if you do not know the language.

Hologram Background - HD Wallpapers in 3D

Hologram Background – HD Wallpapers in 3D1.4.2

  • Developer: Vinwap
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Personalization

The first time you open Hologram Background you need to accept the terms of service and you are asked if you want enable automatic theme switching. It’s up to you, but you most likely don’t want to: this setting changes the background every six hours by rotating popular themes, and popular themes aren’t necessarily the best or prettiest.


Otherwise, there isn’t much else you need to do before you start browsing and testing funds like crazy. The only permission required is to storage, and it will ask you the first time you download a background.

Find the 3D background of your dreams

Hologram2 Popular backgrounds are monopolized by Spiderman, so it is better to use the search engine

Hologram 3D has a lot of funds ready to download directly from the application (the information in Google Play speaks of 2,500 funds, although I suspect that the figure will be much higher today), although I warn you that not all backgrounds are of the same quality. Let’s remember that they are mostly submitted by users, so yes, there is a lot of mediocre background.

It is best to use the search engine, because the tops are monopolized by Spiderman

For some reason, popular backgrounds, which are the ones that are shown as soon as you open the application, are monopolized by characters like Spiderman, Goku and Minions, but if you are not too passionate about any of these, you will always have the search. There are no categories for now, beyond this week’s or all-time Tops filter.

From the window itself you can preview the 3D effect of the backgrounds before applying them, moving the mobile slightly. In most cases a slight 3D depth effect is shown, although some creators have been more creative and other backgrounds can be used to make a character move the pupils of his eyes, for example. If you like any of the backgrounds, press Download.

Hologram3 Adding a 3D background in three acts

When the download of a background finishes (which will not take long) the preview screen of the same opens automatically, where you must touch on Set Wallpaper. If your mobile supports it, you will have the possibility to add it to the home screen or the home screen and the lock screen.

Trying to teach you how the Hologram Background works through screenshots would be useless, so here is a short video where you can see the type of movement that you will see in the background of your mobile when you tilt it. Not too much, but enough to give it a more lively touch to your mobile.

Additional options

Hologram Background works perfectly as is, but if you want to make some adjustments, go to the last tab in the bottom navigation bar. Although there are not many options, there are some interesting ones. Battery Super Saver ModeFor example, it reduces battery usage at the cost of having a less smooth movement of the layers that make up the background.


Further down, in the section 3D HOLOGRAM EFFECT, you can adjust the intensity of the effect, as well as choose if you want the axes to be inverted, whose effect is totally psychedelic, so I do not recommend it too much.

Create your own background

What if none of the 3D backgrounds available in Hologram Background convince you? Well, create your own yourself. Yes, nYou will need to create the images that make up the different layers on your own, usually with an editing application like Photoshop. Specifically, the bottoms are made up of three layers: a bottom layer, a middle layer and a top layer.

Photoshop Creating 3D backgrounds requires some skill with Photoshop (or alternatives)

All of them must be 2048 x 2048 pixels in size, but the background layer must be a JPG while the other two need to be PNG with transparency. It is somewhat difficult to create an attractive background, although the result is worth it. When you have all the images, transfer them to your mobile.


Hologram Background vaguely guides you through the process, although the truth is that it does not have much mystery. First you must import all layers of your background from the gallery, and then add a title, name and keyword. You have a few special effects (rain, starry sky …) that are superimposed on the background to make it even more animated. If you want to see your creation before saving it, press Preview. If all is well, hit Save.


The backgrounds you create are automatically added to My Themes and from there you can apply them with one tap. For now Hologram Background does not allow you to edit a background after creating it, so if something does not convince you, you will have to create it again from scratch.

The result will depend a lot on the idea, on how well the layers are trimmed And a bit of luck, but you can create a custom 3D wallpaper in about ten minutes. In case you’re curious, here’s mine:

Of course, this extra movement will have a negative impact on the drums of your mobile, but in my case I have not noticed that the battery consumption is excessive. The best thing is that you do the test and see if it compensates you, and that is that whoever wants 3D animated backgrounds, costs him battery, said the proverb.

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