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Downie, download YouTube videos and a thousand other sites from your Mac and in the simplest way

27 mayo, 2021

Downie is a small application for macOS that offers us an extremely simple and convenient way to download any video from internet. It works with sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and many more.

Although there are many alternatives that we can use to download YouTube videos without even having to install anything, the reality is that many tools end up disappearing or stop working, hence a native app like Downie is not bad at all.

How to download videos from YouTube, Facebook and other sites using the terminal on Windows, Linux or Mac

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Download videos in 4K, with subtitles and in one click

Currently the app supports more than 1,000 video websites, although among those you can’t count facebook, since although it downloads something when you paste a video URL from the social network, the file does not work.

Downie too Supports video download even in 4K and it has post-processing options to convert your video so that it is compatible with iTunes, or if you want only the audio track, it is also possible.

The interface of this app is extremely simple and its operation too. You can copy any video url and paste it into Downie and start downloading. You also have a choice of search that integrates with YouTube to download videos directly and in an even easier way.


Downloads are extremely fast, if there are subtitles available for the video, Downie asks if you want to download them too. Also, it has extensions for all modern browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. These are used to easily select any video that you have open in the browser and download it in Downie.

The app is luxurious, but that luxury is not free. You can try Downie for free and without limitations for 14 days, after that you must purchase the license that has a cost of 18.99 euros (currently they offer a 20% discount for Christmas), or you can acquire it as part of Setapp, the subscription to dozens of premium apps for Mac for a single monthly payment.