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Download books from Google Books with Google Books Downloader

27 mayo, 2021

Google is doing an impeccable job with your Google Books, There’s no doubt. However, it is somewhat cumbersome not being able to download the books that we have in Google Books and that the only way we have to consult these books is online. That was until today thanks to Google Books Downloader.

Google Books Downloader is a tool for Windows that will allow us to download any book of Google Books to our computer directly in PDF, almost automatically. To do this, we must first locate the book we want to download and look at the ID of the book in the address bar.


For example for the book Diabetes for dummies the url would be the following:,M1

The ID of said book, in this case it would be 6Y0YXUlG46wC, which would be what we should enter in Google Books Downloader. Then we click on Check and the application will search for the book and all the corresponding pages. When it is finished it will give us the option to download the entire book or if we want to select the pages we want and make a selective download.

In order to make use of Google Books Downloader we must have installed.NET 3.5 SP1 and it is in English, although for something like this the language is not much of a problem.

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