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Download more than 100 backgrounds for Zoom selected from the gigantic BBC archive

21 mayo, 2021

If until now it was fashionable to apply filters on our faces (add freckles, eyelashes or eliminate wrinkles), today it can be very useful to establish a good background in Zoom.

In this way, you can get quite a fun result and at the same time preserve your privacy (or not to notice that you haven’t made your bed yet, when it’s five in the afternoon).

The BBC offers us a selection with more than 100 completely empty locations, chosen from its huge archive of content, which will be ideal to set in the background in a video call.

Image 15 5 20 14 26 Pasted

We will simply have to go to this web page, and navigate through the different categories of wallpapers: set in which a sitcom was shot, sets in which entertainment programs were recorded or science fiction sets.

Image 15 5 20 14 26 Pasted

The images are in high resolution, and when you click on each of them, they will be loaded directly in the browser. Since no person appears, they are ideal for this time of social distancing.

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How to change the background of Zoom

Once we have downloaded the images we want, in the desktop version it will be as simple as going to cogwheel icon that opens the Setting. We will find this icon in the upper right corner.

Image 15 5 20 14 24 Pasted

In the configuration menu you will have to go to the Virtual Fund category (in the left column) and select “Choose a virtual background” to place any of the images that we have downloaded.

Image 15 5 20 14 25 Pasted

In the mobile version We will have to click on the three points that appear in the lower right part. In this way, a menu will be displayed in which to select “Virtual Background” and choose any image that we have saved.