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DropaMovie, Internet video search engine

27 mayo, 2021

For those of us who like to spend our free time looking for videos on the Internet, DropaMovie It is good for us to carry out this type of search, since allows us to search for any type of video by means of a series of terms, either to one of the five supported services or to all of them as a whole.

It allows us to search for videos on YouTube, MySpace, LiveVideo, Dailymotion and MetaCafe. Unforgivable that others such as Vimeo or do not support, also widely used, above all, due to the quality offered by the videos they keep hosted.

As I say, we add the search terms and choose the video hosting service, and it will show us a series of results, which in case of searching in all these platforms, the results will be divided by these same platforms. On each result it gives us the option to view it, with the option to save it in one of the categories that we have created in case we have registered.

As a negative I find that to view each video, we have to move to another page, thus losing the results, forcing us to move back in the browser history. The ideal would be to show a floating window which shows us the same information from the same page and that we can see the results of our searches again.

On the other hand, the searches that they allow us are simple, based on terms, so perhaps it would not hurt to add advanced options, either by filtering by dates, by tags, by users as well and / or for other reasons that allow us to be efficient in our searches.

What does stand out is for incorporating an elegant design, although even so, I see it a bit short with the large number of videos on the internet.

Via | Wwwhat´s New Link | DropaMovie