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Dynamic wallpapers in Windows 7

26 mayo, 2021

One of the extras for Windows Vista was DreamScene, which allowed us to use videos as animated wallpapers, which ensures a good loss of performance and productivity. It does not seem that Windows 7 go to enjoy this functionality, but yes desktop themes.

These themes will allow from changing the colors of the windows to the wallpaper or the screensaver. Additionally, the screen backgrounds may rotate, not only between various images that we have on the disc, but also of images downloaded via RSS.


In this way, we can subscribe to a Flickr account or other services that offer feeds with the uploaded photos and they will rotate as wallpapers on our desktop.

At the moment this functionality is not completely polished in the beta available for download (remember that for a few days), so in addition to waiting for the images to download in the background it is necessary to exit our account and re-enter to be activate the function.

It is expected that in the final version more customization options will appear and that the channel will be allowed to be selected RSS that we want, something that we must now do by modifying text files, as if we want to change the refresh interval. If you want to try it, from IstartedSomething they have created a theme that you can download.

Via | IStartedSomething.