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Eleven alternatives to where to find subtitles for series and movies

23 mayo, 2021

If you are the type of person who prefers enjoy a series or movie in its original version To avoid the mistreatment that dubbers usually suffer, it is very possible that you are already quite used to having to search through different web pages to find the subtitles that best suit what you are watching. It has always been the reference page to find subtitles in our country, but as our colleagues from Engadget have just told us, the page will close its doors tomorrow June 30 due to the pressure received. Therefore, so that no one is left without their subtitles, we have decided to make a small list for you with nine alternatives.

  • Subdivx has always been one of the great alternatives to It has hundreds of thousands of subtitles and an active community powered by its forum.
  • Open Subtitles is possibly one of the largest and most complete pages in which to find subtitles for your series or movies in any language. It has a vast database with more than 3 million subtitles.
  • Addic7ed is another of the biggest pages of this type, and it has support for multiple languages ​​and a quick search option to find the series that we want and navigate between its seasons and chapters without using the search engine.
  • ArgenTeam may not be the fastest, but yes one of the most complete and beloved pages that are dedicated to creating subtitles.
  • Subtitle Seeker is a search engine It indexes multi-page TV series and movie subtitles in real time. We can search by language and even by each of the chapters of the series.
  • YIFY Subtitles is the official subtitles page of YIFI’s rippers, and therefore its subtitles are compatible with all the movies available on its official website.
  • SubsWiki is one time quite similar to the defunct, but with a quick search that will help us enormously to find the series and chapter that we want.
  • Easy Subtitles is the easiest way to find subtitles for a video. We will only have to drag the video file within the web and she will take care of finding the subtitles we need for her.
  • Subscene is another complete international page which, as in the case of Subdivx, has a forum to encourage debate within its user community.
  • UK Subtitles is a blog dedicated to publishing subtitles for television series and programs British, North American and Australian.
  • TVsubtitles is another small page with almost 300,000 subtitles of series in which, in addition to downloading the subtitles of each chapter of a series one by one, we can also download the subtitles of the entire seasons in one go.

Image | Daniel Oines
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