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ElevenPaths’ new free tool that scans your documents for malware without invading your privacy

27 mayo, 2021

ElevenPaths, the cybersecurity company part of Telefónica Tech, has announced its latest antimalware tool based on artificial intelligence. Your DAILY names and you want to establish how a malware detector that respects user privacy.

What this tool does is scan and analyze Office 365 and PDF documents privatelyThat is, without the need for the analysis engine to access or process the content of the documents. To do this, it uses a machine learning model specifically trained to detect malware that generally escapes traditional antivirus.

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DAILY is free and multiplatform

Windows Journal

Many malware campaigns take advantage of these types of files and are commonly spread through attachments in email, sometimes not just the antivirus filter of your email is enough.

That’s where JOURNAL wants to be most useful: in adding an additional layer of security when your usual antivirus fails, and without endangering the sensitive and private content of the documents you handle.

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At Telefónica they are already using DIARIO internally, but now the tool is available to the public for free and you can use it to scan your documents simply by uploading them to the web in the style of VirusTotal, or you can download the native client and install it on your operating system.

You can upload Office documents or PDFs to the DIARIO website to scan them without having to install anything on your computer

DAILY is available for Windows, Linux and macOSIn addition to having an Outlook plugin that you can use with Outlook Web Access or the desktop version of Outlook. All clients are anonymous, that is, the content of the files you scan is never uploaded to Telefónica’s servers.

If you are still not convinced, they also offer you the possibility of building your own anonymous client through their API. Each of the DIARIO functions is accessible through this API, and with it you can not only analyze documents, but you can also choose different predictive algorithms and different versions requesting a private key.